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又一住房制度配套政策出台!险资获准进入长租市场 说明


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1.一线城市新房供应走低 存销比创去库存新低值
4.财政部:前11月国企利润同比增23.5% 央企增长17.7%
5.广西融水: 立下愚公志,打好攻坚战
6.“扩张有风险” 橱柜企业不能“玩心跳”


1. Late last year, the World Health Organization declared that Zika virus was no longer a global emergency. But the disease’s effects on babies who may live for decades are only beginning to be understood. In northeastern Brazil, where links between the virus and birth defects like microcephaly were first detected, families struggle to give the best lives possible to stricken babies. Researchers hope to find clues about the virus’s effects on the fetus by studying pairs of twins in Brazil in which one was born with birth defects and the other was not.
2. 普京对俄罗斯经济做出积极评价。他说,经济已渡过危机,至少渡过了危机的高峰。
3. 通州将会成为新的北京行政中心,该举措有助于缓解现在政府所在的北京中心地区的公共服务压力。
4. New construction will provide luxury options for renters with deep pockets, mostly in the boroughs outside Manhattan. In Brooklyn, 6,527 new rental units are expected to hit the rental market next year, nearly twice the 3,802 units anticipated for Manhattan, according to Citi Habitats.
5. ['l?sti?]
6. Graduates in economics and finance still have great prospects for making big money, the National Business Daily reported, citing a new survey. The average monthly salary for graduates from five major Chinese universities in finance and economics stayed above 10,000 yuan.


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1、12月楼市或延续回暖 54城成交量达到峰值
2、宣传环保暗地收购高污染企业 帝王洁具并购曝光
5、2017年兰州楼市回顾 外来房企优势凸显


      With executive compensation in the U.S. rising and the income gap only getting bigger, it's refreshing to see a CEO who cares about more than his own paycheck. Lenovo(LNVGF) Chief Executive Yang Yuanqing announced in September for the second year in a row that he would share at least $3 million of his bonus with roughly 10,000 of his workers. The generous decision was a product of the personal computer maker's record sales that year. The average worker payout is equal to roughly a month's pay for the typical city worker in China, according to Bloomberg News.