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一线城市房价连续15个月回落 坚持房地产调控目标不动摇 说明

天津出台工业用地“招拍挂”管理办法 出让底价不得低于国家最低价标准

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3.楼市调研报告:房价失去上涨动力 限购放松难救
4.北京正式推“人才住房” 含公租房、共有产权房
5.智能家居热情退潮:易用性差 普通大众不感冒
6.安徽部分三四线楼市回暖 合肥调控新政效果初显


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2. Spanish business school IE has scored a hat-trick by reaching the top spot in the Financial Times ranking of online MBA programmes for the third year in a row. IE came in ahead of the UK’s Warwick Business School, ranked number two for the third year running, and Durham University Business School, which made it into the top three for the first time.
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4. Google has brought out the list of the most searched topics in its search engine this year.
5. Remedy: This is another hindsight-based regret that you can’t cure without a time machine. The years, energy and dollars you spent on your degree are sunk costs. You can’t do anything about your past academic track record, but you can identify the areas in which you think you fell short in your college days and figure out how to augment those shortcomings in the present. For example, if you feel you didn’t do enough networking outside of the classroom, you might consider joining an alumni group or make a greater effort to participate in professional associations in your field. If you regret skipping your 8:00 AM managerial accounting class and mourn how useful those concepts would be to you now, check out the continuing ed options at your nearest community college.
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3、杭州主城区多所新校精彩亮相 不少学校迎来新校长
5、“红五月”成色不足 端午楼市平淡收官
6、海尔华为两大巨头战略合作 共谋智能家居行业千亿大单....